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Fertile Ground: The Roots of Clojure

Oct 25, 2010 some comments

Here are the slides to my Clojure Conj opening talk. They do not stand on their own unfortunately. However, as a consolation, I am in the process of gathering a bibliography for not only my talk, but every single talk and side-discussion1 of the whole conference. Fertile Ground: The Roots of ClojureView more presentations from […]

The Nothingness Metric

Oct 19, 2010 some comments

I’ve been thinking of a code metric designed to measure how much code it takes any given language to write a program that does nothing. Don’t misunderstand me and think that I mean a Hello World program with 64K exclamation points tacked onto the end. What I mean is finding that critical point where a […]

Unifycle phased out

Oct 18, 2010 one comment

A month ago I announced a unification library for Clojure named Unifycle. A month later I am phasing that library out in favor of this new unification library for Clojure. If you have adopted Unifycle or plan to, then please keep an eye on the other location. More information to come. …and here is that […]

Naïveté vs. Experience

Oct 2, 2010 some comments

Here are the slides for my talk given at the 2010 Commercial Users of Functional Programming Conference in Baltimore, MD. The talk was about how we leveraged Scala and Clojure at my workplace.

Thrush in Clojure – Redux

Sep 28, 2010 some comments

Neither Clojure’s -> nor ->> are the Thrush combinator. See why.

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