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Monkeying with Clojure’s deftest

Sep 3, 2010

Say you have a namespace a that needs to be tested: 1

(ns a)
(defn ^{:private true} foo [] 42)

Using Clojure’s clojure.test libs you might think it would be as simple as the following:

(ns b
  (:use [clojure.test :only [deftest is]]))

(deftest test-foo
  (is (= 42 (a/foo))))
; java.lang.IllegalStateException: var: #'a/foo is not public

Whoops! That function a/foo is private and not readily available to call. Now there are a number of ways to get at that function to test it, but the shortest path is the following:

(deftest test-foo
  (is (= 42 (#'a/foo))))

(test-ns 'b)
; Testing b
;=> {:test 1, :pass 1, :fail 0, :error 0}

So using the #' reader macro we can resolve the a/foo var directly, but what if there was a way to declare a test that specifically for testing private vars:

(defmacro defprivatetest
  [name [local-name private-name] & body]
  (when *load-tests*
    `(def ~(vary-meta name 
                      :test `(let [~local-name (resolve '~private-name)] 
                               (fn [] ~@body)))
        (fn [] (test-var (var ~name))))))

This is almost exactly like the implementation of clojure.test/deftest except that it allows for a single named binding that is resolved to a function (private or not) in another namespace, like so:

(defprivatetest test-a
  [foo a/foo]
  (is (= 42 (foo))))

(test-ns 'b)
;=> {:test 1, :pass 1, :fail 0, :error 0}

Granted this is a lot of work just to avoid #', but this is much more flexible in the face of change.

I leave it to the reader to change the implementation to allow multiple bindings.


  1. This post is much ado about nothing, but I thought I’d push it into the ether while everyone else is distracted by Clojure Conj

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  1. icemaze

    Why don’t you just test in the same namespace? If you worry about namespace pollution you can just write your tests in a different file that doesn’t get loaded in production. Is there some hidden benefit I’m missing?

  2. I do not like to to keep the tests with the code under test. This is my psychosis. The part that I think is not clarified is that when testing the namespace private Vars (in this case functions) are not immediately accessible from another namespace (the test ns for example). I like to change my code alot, but hate to go and change my tests, so I’m looking for a way to (effectively) be lazy here.

    Thanks for posting.


  3. why not simply implement a refer-privates or refer-all fn? (.refer ns ‘x #’foo/x) works like a charm even when x is private.

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