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Aug 31, 2009

So I agreed to maintain why the Lucky Stiff’s source code repository for the Potion programming language, but I’m not sure what, if anything, I will do to it. Initially I plan to gather as much documentation as possible, but thereafter … who knows. Maybe I will try to implement the missing features in-place as […]

Clojure Golf episode 1

Aug 14, 2009 some comments

This is an attempt to have some fun with Clojure. I hope to engage the Clojure community, but it would be all the more fun if others played along with their chosen language(s). The idea is that I present a sub-optimal code snippet and people throw in their optimized, smallest, and/or weirdest submissions of that […]

A Message from Cthulhu

Aug 10, 2009 one comment


Polyglots All

Aug 7, 2009

We are polyglots all.

Map As Homoiconic Basis

Jul 23, 2009 some comments

While throwing out the idea in the title as a Twitter post, I was surprised at the seeming interest. Therefore, in hopes to open up a discussion, here is how I would envision a programming language homoiconic on maps.

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