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A Bunch of Languages

Dec 1, 2008

I’ve been looking at different programming languages over the years and have built a collection of useful (relatively) links pertaining to some interesting languages. In some cases, the links below will not be the optimal choice, comments regarding such would be much appreciated. In many cases I chose JVM implementations because there was a time […]

86 Books (so far) in 2008

Nov 18, 2008 some comments

So with a month and a half to go I wonder if I can make it to the magical 100 books in a year? Certainly I could if I limit myself to Algis Budrys and PG Wodehouse (which in reality would not be a bad thing). I may or may not cheat to get there, […]


Nov 13, 2008

I am spending most of my programming mindshare on the following languages these days: Clojure Scala Java Javascript Python C However, I am trying to find some cycles to work in one or more of Ruby, Groovy, F#, C#, and R. Ahhhh, to not be required to sleep. -m

Moleskine Notes for Oct. 2008

Nov 3, 2008

fogus.jaka – Jaka – Closure – Continuation – Environment – Function – Type – Kernel – Repl – Pair – Lambda fogus.jaka.meta – Mop fogus.jaka.types – Atom – Integer – Float – Symbol fogus.jaka.comp – Compiler Originally you choose one of three doors which have equally randomized probabilities. You have on average a 1/3 chance […]

Ix syntax for functions

Oct 27, 2008 some comments

I have been playing around with my personal programming language Ix and have settled on, what I consider, I clean syntax. I tried to do fancy parsing, but soon realized that since everything is a function call of some sort, then the syntax falls out naturally: — This is a comment — fn( foo   […]

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