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86 Books (so far) in 2008

Nov 18, 2008

So with a month and a half to go I wonder if I can make it to the magical 100 books in a year? Certainly I could if I limit myself to Algis Budrys and PG Wodehouse (which in reality would not be a bad thing). I may or may not cheat to get there, I’ll reassess in the beginning of December. The real sore point is that I have recently wasted 937 + 110 + 150 pages on Anathem, The City at the End of Time, and The Black Company respectively. I would like to have that time back please.

Things that I wish I had done instead of reading (or attempting to read anyway) those three novels:

read Star Wars fan-fic, watch American Idol, root canal surgery, read #ruby transcripts, listen to my Mac’s robotic voices recite, read John McCain’s biography, read Cindy McCain’s biography, marvel at the wonders of Yuri Geller, play E.T. on the Atari 2600, read high-school angst poetry, listen to the Peter Gabriel, watch Thomas the Tank Engine, watch Dora the Explorer, eat tripe soup, use Windows Vista, watch endless loops of Maury Povich, and stab my eyes with pencil graphite.


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  1. Well, assuming you haven’t been there, “Curious incident of the dog in the nighttime” over a lunch break will make you glad (though not if you have to clock in/out). Have you tried Nabokov’s “The Defense”?

    If you get hold of the Charles Fort book(s) you can basically read the first paragraph of each chapter and claim to have read the rest. Even you will not be able to tell the difference after a week or two.

    What’s wrong with Peter Gabriel?

    Thanks for posting the Stevens on PBS.


  2. I will most likely cheat… my morals are flexible in the light of 100 books. ;) I have a couple scifi ‘novels’ laying around that would fit the bill, and perhaps I will check out the two you mention.

    RE: Peter Gabriel… I suppose he’s not necessarily bad; but he does make me sleepy.

    RE: UNIX book: My pleasure. Enjoy. :) -m

  3. I take it you’re not enjoying Anathem?

  4. Lena, You could say that. ;) -m

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