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Linkage 2007.02.15

Mar 17, 2008

Arc dictatorship?<br/>

5 more programming toolbox items<br/>

Erlang criticism not bad?<br/>

What I’ve Learned from Lisp<br/>

Now before starting there, my experience with Lisp was about the same as most CS grads. I’d used it as an undergrad in a programming languages course, as well as an AI course on natural language processing.

erdos would be proud<br/><br/>

Memory Palace (as see in Ægypt)<br/>


BNF converter<br/>

CL directory<br/>

Some nice Objective-C features<br/>

Categories let us define new methods and add them to classes for which we don’t have the source code (such as the standard Cocoa classes provided by Apple). This makes it easy to extend classes without resorting to subclassing.

USENIX Proceedings now open<br/>

The new minimalism in web UI<br/>

A static RAM tester<br/>

The core of the design is based on what I call a “Zero Bit Computer”. It is a micro sequencer based on a small handful of MSI 74xxx logic. The unique design attribute of the zero bit computer design paradigm is that there exists a one to one isomorphism between a plain natural language description of a sequencing problem and the wiring ( that would be programming) of the zero bit computer.

ITA Software<br/> -m

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