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Linkage 2007.02.25

Feb 25, 2008


Using REST with AJAX<br/>

How js Timers Work<br/>

In order to understand how the timers work internally there’s one important concept that needs to be explored: timer delay is not guaranteed.

On Monkeys and Ruby?<br/>

Php sucks (again)?<br/>


Mandatory indentation and n00bs<br/>


ASDF is about 500 lines of lisp source, and a dot asd file is the lisp equivalent of the ubqutious make; you can’t do anything in a serious modern lisp environment without it, so lets take you through it step by step.

What is Topology?<br/>

So I’m going to describe Topology in a way that is completely different from what you’ll find in any Topology textbook I know, but which does draw on published ideas in Computer Science.


Programming Jeet Kun Do (WTF?)<br/>

More lang features<br/>


Beautiful Code? Yes!<br/>

This drives me nuts, it really does. Of course the representation can be beautiful, and it can also be ugly. And the beauty of the representation can have an amplifying effect on the subject of the representation. Form and content are related.

10 Lies of Entrepreneurs<br/>

Every entrepreneur has a few slides about how the market potential for his segment is tens of billions. It doesn’t matter if the product is bar mitzah planning software or 802.11 chip sets.


A Foray into Scala<br/>

At first glance, advanced functional programming in Scala can look a little freaky to someone who’s only been writing Java for the last few years. But if you start slowly, it all slides into place.

Atlassian: Monthly Code Smell<br/>

Java threatened<br/>

Gamedev with js<br/>

In this tutorial, we’ll look at a technique for using CSS [1] and JavaScript [2] to build a first-person-perspective maze, in homage to old-school adventure games like Dungeon Master and Doom.

Recursion and the Y-Combinator<br/>

Beginner’s guide to AVR<br/> Beginner’s guide to PIC<br/>

I wanna be the guy…<br/>

I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game is a sardonic loveletter to the halcyon days of early American videogaming, packaged as a nail-rippingly difficult platform adventure. Players fill the role of The Kid, a youthful, vaguely Megaman-esque protagonist on a quest to become The Guy.


The Colour Out of Space<br/>

Old School Square Roots<br/>

Usenet: Lisp: λ<br/>

Lift: Scala web framework<br/>


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