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Linkage 2008.02.17

Feb 18, 2008


9 Javascript Gotchas<br/>

car and cdr<br/>

Russell’s original 1959 implementation of Lisp on this machine took advantage of the fact that the 704’s instruction set had special capabilities for accessing two distinct 15 bit fields of a 36 bit value loaded into a machine register: the address and decrement fields.

On Webwork<br/>

John McCarthy on Elephant 2000<br/>

If you want a new programming language then it has to be different in some way and one of the ways is making things different from its immediate predecessors is to go back to more different, distant paths and this happens in lots of fields, not merely programming languages.

Usenet: Lisp: Scheme macros<br/>

Pizza Torrent<br/>

Tales of Middle Earth<br/>

Tales of Middle Earth (ToME) is a fantasy adventure game, based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. It is a game that emphasizes intricate, challenging, and varied gameplay over graphics.<br/>

Scala in Webwork<br/>

Amazingly enough, Scala worked just fine with WebWork. The code is dumb, as I dont know enough Scala to be clever. Besides, I wanted to try the simplest thing i could first, to see what was possible.

Scala for Java Refugees<br/>

Cloudbook for the Cloud<br/>

Clojure as best Lisp<br/>

Writing a Scheme in 48 hours<br/>

Roundtable on Erik Bedard<br/>

Doxygen commands<br/>


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