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Linkage 2007.02.01

Feb 1, 2008

Tinypy 64k (excellent)<br/>

Mindscape of Alan Moore<br/>

Comprehensive review of MacAir<br/>

There is no denying that the MacBook Air’s thinness makes it visually striking. But I’m not convinced of the utility of that thinness. Other than allowing Apple to declare the Air the current winner of the race to design the thinnest laptop, it seems that the Air has slimmed down in the least important dimension.

Usenet: Lisp: Losing faith<br/>

If there really were lots of people out there secretly using Lisp and programmers were scarce I would have expected to find myself being recruited, but I was not.

Average programmers<br/>

More Arc<br/>

Von Neumann: Math-guy<br/>

Did I mention Arc?<br/>

Gosling on closures… finally<br/>

There has been a lot of chatter about the closures proposal penned by Neal Gafter. And, in particular, whether or not I support it. I absolutely do.

Monads in Ruby (probably a dup, but oh well..)<br/>


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