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Linkage 2007.01.28

Jan 28, 2008

Scheme Shell by Shivers<br/>

Shell programming terrifies me. There is something about writing a simple shell script that is just much, much more unpleasant than writing a simple C program, or a simple COMMON LISP program, or a simple Mips assembler program.

On Onigiri<br/>

Lisp 1.5 in Ruby<br/>

WebPath wants to be free<br/>

WebPath, my experimental XPath 2.0 engine in Python is now an open source project with a liberal BSD license.

CSS Structured Timeline<br/>

10 js functions<br/>

7 Apps, 7 Days, Django<br/>

Setting up a home office<br/>

The closed door can help a lot. Sometimes it also helps to put your office in a part of the house that isn’t in the middle of where everyone else is. An office in the basement or somewhere else out of the way can help make you just a little less accessible.

Ellis /consuming<br/>

Not unless I held up in front of the camera a card that read “I hate Xmas” with a scrawled explanation underneath. I bloody hate Xmas. Xmas was always, shall we say, a tense time at home when I was growing up. But my girlfriend loves Xmas with a passion, and, of course, so does my daughter.

Micropolis Python GUI<br/>

As you can tell, I really suck at running a city. By the year 2023 nobody likes me, power blackouts are everywhere and pollution has consumed the city creating a race of carbon dioxide breathing mutants. The UI is Python using Glade.



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