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Linkage 2007.01.24

Jan 24, 2008

Getting git<br/>

Git stores content, not metadata. Some of the data stored by Git may very well describe some other data also stored by Git, but it is all content to Git.

Via 64-bit<br/>

Our 64-bit architecture is Intel’s. Intel’s first 64-bit implementation was an add-on, and not very good. But now, Intel’s is the same as AMD, and they implement it well. The differences between AMD and Intel [64-bit support] are trivial

Humans are bad at odds<br/>

As a result of these evolved emotional algorithms, ancient threats like spiders and snakes cause fear out of proportion to the real danger they pose, while experiences that should frighten us—like fast driving—don’t.


The art of the phone screen<br/>

In an effort to make life simpler for phone screeners, I’ve put together this list of Five Essential Questions that you need to ask during an SDE screen. They won’t guarantee that your candidate will be great, but they will help eliminate a huge number of candidates who are slipping through our process today.

12 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Building a Web App<br/> Audio of the presentation.<br/>

Knuth tells you to read these programs<br/>

Writing a book with GoogleDocs<br/>

Reviewboard (code reviews)<br/>

Ruby vs. Go<br/>

The ability to have blunt, no holds barred discussion that doesn’t include a ton of weasel words or random empty phrases that beat around the bush is really valuable. It lets you focus on technical details, and allows you to express passion about your assertions.

ZFS vs. Hammer<br/>



CD Covers<br/> Movie Scripts<br/>


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