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Linkage 2007.01.23

Jan 23, 2008

On Abandoning Xlisp-Stat<br/> My first Lisp environment<br/>

The new CLIPS home<br/>

What other languages should learn from Lisp<br/>

Optional type declarations (Common Lisp.) CL allows, but does not require, type declarations.

Eloquent Javascript<br/>

5 Whys by Joel<br/>


Garlic programmers…<br/>

I have noticed a trend in my own productivity: my productivity varies greatly with the code base I’m working on.

TECO-based Emacs<br/>


Programming Language Continuum<br/>

I think that hybrid static/dynamic languages will never really become popular – or more accurately that the capability will not be extensively used in the languages that offer it.

100 Books Every Child Should Read (thanks rob)<br/>



The use of minimal perfect hash functions is, until now, restricted to scenarios where the set of keys being hashed is small, because of the limitations of current algorithms. But in many cases, to deal with huge set of keys is crucial. So, this project gives to the free software community an API that will work with sets in the order of billion of keys.


On the music industry trap<br/>

A contract with a major record company was always a 90 per cent guarantee of failure. In the boardroom the talk was never of music, only of units sold.

The Tragedy of Fischer<br/>

He walked out of a championship qualifying tournament in 1967 because the organizers asked him to play on the Sabbath of the cult-like church he claimed membership in at the time. When he withdrew, his record in the tournament was seven wins with no losses or draws.

CS students suck at CS<br/>

These people are extrinsically motivated, and while there’s nothing wrong with wanting a decent job that might make you an unlikely bazillionaire that wanting isn’t going to make you a competent computing scientist.

Rock star coders<br/>


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