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Favorite Softwares of the Computers 2008

Dec 31, 2008

Once again it is time for my yearly rundown of the applications that I have found most useful over the past year (see entries for 2007, 2005, and 2004). Without further delay. Web Framework Jersey: There came a time at my job when the word REST 1 was being bandied about with impunity. Since I […]

Moleskine Notes December 2008

Dec 30, 2008

CLIPS Here’s how hash tables work for a simple rule. (defrule example (point-1 ?x) (point-2 ?x) =>) Let’s say you’ve got facts (point-1 1) through (point-1 100). When these facts are asserted, they’re stored in a hash table for the pattern (point-1 ?x) based on the value of ?x. If (point-2 53) is asserted, the […]

BookPr0n 0: Gregory Chaitin’s Algorithmic Information Theory

Dec 19, 2008

In a (hopefully) ongoing series of blog posts named BookPr0n, I will highlight and briefly describe some interesting and (at times) obscure books that I come across. The books will tend to be technological in nature, but not exclusively so. The first in the series is the first book published by the immortal Gregory Chaitin […]

Welcome DC Clojure Study Group

Dec 12, 2008

Clojure love has spread to the Washington DC metropolitan area. dc.clj Blog dc.clj Google group dc.clj Wiki -m

Tony’s got the right of it.

Dec 1, 2008 one comment

I try to avoid this site being purely a link-dump (although my last post would contradict), but I have to say that Tony Morris’ latest functional post is exceptional. In just a few paragraphs he manages to elucidate the benefits of functional programming in a way that I have never been able to approach. It’s […]

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