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Linkage 2007.12.28

Dec 28, 2007

The Closures Controversy<br/>

Emacs GTD<br/>

Huge Emacs Ref Sheet<br/>

Reading On Lisp (plus the book itself)<br/>

To someone with little experience with functional programming, basic computer science, or extensive lisp coding, much of it will seem pointlessly tedious and pedantic.

Smart languages, dumb parsers<br/>

In all three of these cases, having a simple syntax that the compiler can parse without any knowledge of the semantics is what allows the parser to parse programmer created extensions to the language without knowing what they mean.

Toxic value system<br/>

Fighting CSRF<br/>

Avoiding CSRF vulnerabilities in your web apps is easy: In all forms that require a user to be authenticated, simply reauthenticate them using some user-specific transient data.

Three Lisp language features<br/>

Learning them is not a waste of time even if you never program in Lisp, as they also suggest valuable programming techniques that can often be applied to a lesser degree in other programming systems.<br/>


Issues with Lisp<br/>

A list is identified by its first pair. If you sort “a list”, the reordered list may be identified by a different first pair than the unsorted list was.

Code’s Worst Enemy<br/>

I happen to hold a hard-won minority opinion about code bases. In particular I believe, quite staunchly I might add, that the worst thing that can happen to a code base is size.

Basic Role Playing<br/>

Zdzisław Beksiński<br/>


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