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Linkage: 2007.11.01

Oct 31, 2007

Top-down Operator Precedence<br/>

Python quick reference<br/>

If It Looks Like a Cow, Swims Like a Dolphin and Quacks Like a Duck, It Must Be Enterprise Software<br/>

GRRM News<br/>

The simplest Turing machine (awesome)<br/>

Extending Vim with Python<br/>

The working dead<br/>

The VIC cypher<br/>

Ruleby, a Rete rule engine in Ruby<br/>

Tom, a pattern matching compiler for Java<br/>

Zoho vs. Google Docs<br/>

Why Attribute Grammars Matter<br/>

Factor’s object system<br/>

GameBoy USB cart project<br/>

Bruce Johnson interview<br/>

A Reddit clone in Lisp<br/>

Closure HTML<br/>

WikipediaVision (super-cool)<br/>

Wired’s “How to Save Apple” circa 1997<br/>

Why programmers should play NetHack<br/>

Ruby html5lib<br/>

Woz on Apple<br/>

How Gmail blocks spam<br/>

10 web annoyances<br/>

5 possibilities for the zombie apocalypse<br/>

DOS in yur browser<br/>

Big Brother’s programming language<br/>

Java closures proposal + 1st implementation<br/>

Lucid Absinthe<br/>

Basic Category Theory<br/>

Ikarus R6RS Scheme<br/>

Syx Smalltalk-80<br/>

10-Commandments of IMAP client creation<br/>

OSX Java Timeline<br/>

Wikipedia on Werewolf fiction<br/>

Wikipedia on BDD<br/>

Stylish NetHack suicide<br/>


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