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5 Things…

Feb 5, 2007

Well, James Gosling didn’t tag me, but I’m going to try and start my own branch — so here now are 5 things about me that you didn’t know:

  1. I severed the tip of my left ring-finger in a horrible washing machine motor accident and it was successfully re-attached. I no longer have feeling in that finger however.
  2. I worked exactly 10 hours at Friendly’s restaurant in Severna Park MD prior to going to college. I walked out after being called stupid by the assistant manager.
  3. … I then worked at a car wash in Annapolis as a cashier. That specific location hired mostly men on work release from the local prison and I learned many lessons from that crowd. For example, did you know that you can smoke crack using only a combination lock? One day I casually mentioned to one of the guys that the vending machine could be thwarted by attaching tape to a dollar bill and pulling it out of the feeder after receiving credit. The next day the machine was empty.
  4. My first computing job was with Veridian Systems in California, MD writing the operating system for their PCI Bit-Sync. This was when I was still in college at SMCM
  5. My first Objective C project was an Ordo-mode plugin to WriteRoom.

I now tag Sarah, Ben, Shawn, and Yuki.


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