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Dream: Brought on by a 104.4 fever

Aug 13, 2006

There is a manipuative entity named Cory Nord controlling two dead children sent to murder me. They curse my name and promise pain in the afterlife. Their faces are twisted in hatred of me the living and yet they cannot hurt me because I do not fear them. I laugh at them and they dissipate promising my downfall in the future.

(Although it seems like a quick dream, I recall it seemed to drag on hours with the children throwing every vile curse down on my head in the name of their master. Once my fever broke and I was able to get out of bed, I did a search on the name Cory Nord and to my surprise discovered that he is the artist for the Dark Horse series of Conan comic books. Oh well, I guess it was simply just a whacky fever-induced dream rather than a view into the netherworlds.)


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