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Watching TV: May 2006 Edition

May 26, 2006

Ghost Hunters
Details the cases investigated by T.A.P.S. They tend to take a very scientific approach to investigating hauntings, and because of that were often refuting the supernatural aspects of their 1st season cases. However, perhaps due to a ratings grab, they have been able to “catch” more ghostly occurances in the latest season. Hopefully, this show will not turn into Most Haunted (see below).

Myth Busters
Probably the most entertaining show that I watch. I like the pseudo-science aspect and the goofy antics of the cast. However, I really watch to see if someone will one day shoot their eye out. Call it NASCAR syndrome.

I’ve mentioned this guy before, but I didn’t mention that he has multiple series on various topics from African cooking, Italian, wine, etc… The one constant: increasing drunkeness druing the course of a show.

Technically, I do not watch Lost on TV. Instead, I recently finished the 1st season DVD set and plan on doing the same for season 2. Hopefully, I will be caught up by the time season three comes around. I have intentionally avoided all conversation of Lost season 2 for the very reason that I am obsessive about learning details before I watch… anything.

Pros vs. Joes
This is a stupid little show where regular guys compete against retired and/or aged sports stars. It’s a good show to turn your brain off for, and especially if you like to see loudmouths trying to relive their glory days get pummeled.

Computer Science Lectures
I have no idea what channel this is on nor what the real name of the show is, but there are a bunch of C.S. lectures on various interesting topics. I guess it’s fun if you’re into that kinf of stuff.

Iron Chef
My staple. I haven’t been watching it recently because I believe that I watched every single (American released) episode. Plus, I absolutely to substitute IC:America for it.

Doctor Who
The Eccleston version is pretty damned good. He might be my 4th favorite doctor.

Season 1 was filled with uncredibly annoying happy ending… season two has fixed that by making every episode end in some bleak, no-body wins, manner.

Most Haunted
Probably the most ridiculous show on television. A bunch of people go to (supposedly) haunted U.K. spots and walk around looking scared and getting possessed. Derrick especially is a hoot. He reminds me of a modern-day snake oil salesman.

Shows I just don’t get:
Desperate Housewives, Fear Factor, The Colbert Report, Grey’s Anatomy, Unanimous, Deal or No Deal, E.R., NBA Basketball

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