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Watching TV : Jan06 Edition

Jan 19, 2006

Warning: Potential spoilers below
Things are getting a little sparse on the TV watching front, but there are a few things worth mentioning. First, Yuki and I appear to have watch our way through Iron Chef and are starting to see repeats very often. This has created a huge hole in our TV watching as Iron Chef was our staple. Having lost my favorite show, I was fortunate enough to find another equally interesting; Mythbusters. I had always heard good things about the show, but I never really got around to checking it out. Thanks to the genius of DVR I have been able to watch it almost non-stop for the past week and I am blown away. Other than Mythbusters, there is nothing else on regular TV that I have been able to catch regularly. However, on the “films of cinema” front it’s been a good month. First of all, I have to recommend that anyone reading this blog (both of you) should go out and immediately see Chopper starring Eric Bana (of Hulk and Munich fame). Based on this performance alone, Bana has propelled himself to the forefront of my favorite thespians. It’s hard to enumerate why this film is so interesting, but somewhere between the ear slicing and the final poignant scene I was hooked eternally. Another interesting film (although less so than the former) was the Russell Crowe film Romper Stomper about Neo-Nazis fighting local Chinese immigrants, themselves, and their internal turmoil. Crowe was pretty good, but for me the true star was the conflicted Davey played by Daniel Pollock. This guy was truly the star of the movie and should have gone on to greater heights than even Crowe himself. Sadly, as a heroin addict, Pollock was in reality a highly disturbed guy who decided to throw himself under a moving train soon after the filming of Romper Stomper. Too bad. I think I watched a few other films since my last TV post, but nothing was near as memorable as the three I mentioned.

<p>There is an aside that I would like to follow for just a moment.  In my life I have been a fan of the original Star Trek series.  I wouldn&#8217;t call myself a Trekkie per se, but I would say that I am more than a casual viewer.  That being said, I had thought that I had watched EVERY episode of the original series and the animated series at least twice until I came across an episode entitled <b>The Conscience of the King</b> about a futuristic Shakespearean actor who is perhaps more than he appears.  I loved it!  And I&#8217;m not just saying that because I had never caught it before.  </p>


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