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Oct 5, 2005

I’m off to Orlando for a few days to attend the Fall SIW conference. -m

Dream: The Observers

Sep 11, 2005

They only came at night. Or that’s what we thought anyway. We were staying at an old mansion located near my childhood home, and the weather was arctic (the reason never mentioned). We were running out of food, and after a few days the electricity went dark, never to come back on. The next night, […]

Dream: Forgotten

Sep 6, 2005

The war was over and thus the wounded soldiers, stitched back together, no longer needed to be paraded in front of the cameras as a show of good faith and therefore no longer needed to be stiched. Instead, they were locked into a huge auditorium and fed once a day via a huge vat of […]

Flashback 1994

Aug 30, 2005

Matt (guitar), Kellogg (drums), Me (vox), Brian (bass)Typical Set List: Razor Cut You Got Nothing Night of the Living Dead Blacktop Jello is God Skulls -m

version 2.0

Aug 30, 2005

I am taking the Traff-o-Data approach to releasing software. That is, while this new WordPress based blog is potentially full of bugs and has a whacky color-scheme, I am dubbing it Modus Ponens v2.0 and then fixing things as I go along. In the next few weeks I will probably kick all worthy posts from […]

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