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Filling a Glaring Hole: RF

Dec 21, 2005 one comment

Well, within one day of my last posting about the Orioles’ glaring hole at first, they went and signed Cpt. Leadership Jeff Conine. Therefore, my dreams of asserting my will on the Brain (T)rust at Camden Yards has been temporarily thwarted. However, I am resilient and will therefore continue my quest to put together a […]

Filling a Glaring Hole: 1B

Dec 20, 2005

Now that Raphael Palmeiro has left Baltimore in disgrace, the Orioles are left with a gaping hole at 1B for the upcoming 2006 season. While Palmeiro’s performance was acceptable prior to his embarrassment, afterward he was quite futile. Palmeiro’s 2005 VORP of 18.2 could easily be replaced, or even improved upon via the free-agent or […]

Knitting the Dawn of the Dead

Dec 19, 2005

If anyone asks me why I love Yuki I need only show them the link she provided me to the Knitted Dawn of the Dead and explain that she is actually considering making these for me. :) -m

Meet Aka-chan

Nov 28, 2005

Meet Keita Ellis Fogus (-20 weeks old) Plus heartbeat at 14 weeks. -m

Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turkey

Nov 25, 2005

I knew the day would end oddly when I took my first bite of a creature called a Turducken. Apparently, some scientists bred a duck with a chicken and then with a turkey and a pig (or something like that) and then removed the dna sequence for bones. The result was a truly sadistic Thanksgiving […]

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