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News of the Weird

Jun 28, 2005 – Rewired nerves renew amputee’s sense of feeling: “Jesse Sullivan has lost both arms at his shoulders, but with the help of a prosthetic hand and a set of rewired nerves, he can now feel — and sense hot and cold — almost as if he had real fingers.”

KR Washington Bureau | 06/24/2005 | Simulated oil meltdown shows U.S. economy’s vulnerability: “The economic effects of unrest in faraway Nigeria are immediate. Crude oil prices soar above $80 a barrel. June’s then-record $60 a barrel is a distant memory. A gallon of unleaded gas now costs $3.31. Americans shell out $75 to fill a midsized SUV.”

icWales – Archaeologists figure out mystery of Stonehenge bluestones: “ARCHAEOLOGISTS have solved one of the greatest mysteries of Stonehenge – the exact spot from where its huge stones were quarried.

A team has pinpointed the precise place in Wales from where the bluestones were removed in about 2500 BC.” – News – Bionic Man Moves Artificial Arm With Brain: “Sullivan’s hand rotates 360 degrees, according to the report. When Sullivan’s brain tells his arm to do something, it’s done in seconds and he has feeling in the bionic arm.”

Saddam’s psychic sandbox: “During sand studies, the Black Arts Saddam conjured up jinn (genies) to do his bidding. Said to have inherited some of his mother Sabha’s psychic prowess, Saddam was believed by many to have seven jinn lined up for his personal protection. According to these people, the Butcher of Baghdad spoke on a daily basis with the king and queen of the jinn, who actually advised him.”

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | AI developed for Mars explorers: “It would provide ‘augmented reality’, allowing astronauts on future Mars missions to narrow down their search for targets relevant to life processes on the Red Planet.”


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