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How I Feed My Cats with Linux

Feb 16, 2005

How I Feed My Cats with Linux | Linux Journal: “Where do we start? Three ingredients are key to our Linux-based Internet cat feeder: logic on the system, a way to talk to a device and a device to talk to. I chose Python for the logic piece, talking over a serial port to a microcontrolled cat feeder of my own design. Let’s start at the bottom, the device, and work our way up to the top, the logic.”

I REALLY want to make one of these!

In addition, here is some associated slashdot humor:
In order to stay current with all Linux features, Microsoft Feed ™ will be bundled with the next major release of Windows.

The early insider-only reviews contain the following highlights:

* The feeder dispenses 70kg of food at a time no matter what size cat you have.
* Users of the feeder must use Microsoft CatChow ™ or an authorized, licensed, compatible cat food (MS-ALCCF). Non-Microsoft licensed cat foods “may” cause your cat to crash.
* The feeder contains hidden, Microsoft-only APIs to connect to Microsoft LitterBox ™ and Microsoft ScratchingPost ™. These products will be available early next year.
* To show Microsoft’s committment to open standards, any kind of water may be used with the Feeder product, although Microsoft may “extend” the Water Standard anytime in the future in incompatible ways.


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