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Linux Clustering with Ruby Queue: Small Is Beautiful | Linux Journal

Dec 7, 2004

Linux Clustering with Ruby Queue: Small Is Beautiful | Linux Journal: “After the third cup of coffee, we had it: Why not simply create an NFS-mounted priority queue and let nodes pull jobs from it as fast as they could? No scheduler, no process migration, no central controller, no kernel mods–simply a collection of compute […]


Dec 3, 2004

Apple showing off a cellphone prototype? “Apple has indeed been showing off a prototype for an iPhone (or whatever you want to call it), and that Motorola is one of the potential manufacturing partners. Doesn’t mean that anything will ever come of this—even if they’ve built a prototype they could easily decide that getting into […]

The Perfect Windows Text Editor

Dec 1, 2004 some comments

There was a time when I truly considered writing my own text editor for use on Windows (I actually hacked a simple Java-based editor together in the past, but it was weak). Both Emacs and Vim are nice, but the Win versions left much to be desired. Likewise, Wordpad and Notepad just plain blew. While […]

Top 9 Reasons the Apple Dock Sucks

Nov 30, 2004

Top 10 Reasons the Apple Dock Sucks“Apple Sales is in love with the Dock. You can’t go into an Apple store without seeing it splayed across the bottom of the screen, in the very configuration least conducive to computing on a Macintosh. Why? Because it’s sexy and it sells. It makes that bright, shiny new […]

Worse than Manos? pt.1

Nov 30, 2004

The Norseman (1978): “An 11th-century Viking prince sails to America to find his father, who on a previous voyage had been captured by Indians.” -m

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