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2004 election prediction

Nov 3, 2004


It is now 11:33pm GMT -5 and I am predicting a win for John Kerry^W George W. Bush. Based on the numbers spewed forth from my Fogus Prez Picker Decision Tree software (v.0.4.7^W v.0.5.2), Senator Kerry^W President Bush should pull this one out. My software finds that the two^W most important states^H in determining the presidential election are^W is Nevada and^W Pennsylvania^W. At the moment, Pennsylvania has been awarded to Kerry and Nevada is heading in that direction.^U Therefore, I fully expect to wake up to an new^W old president tomorrow. On a similar note, my software has predicted that Ralph Nader will place in 3rd place in the voting this term. I’m shooting for 50%^W 100% accuracy with this version of the software.


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