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The candidates

Nov 1, 2004

Mulling Over the Candidates. pt.2 News – John Kerry: “We are going to live up to American values in our foreign policy. Rather than building a new set of nuclear weapons, like President Bush is, we’re going to lead the world in containing nuclear weapons — with a whole new protocol for tracking and dealing with precursor chemicals and with nuclear fissionable materials. We’re not going to wait to intervene in places like Liberia or Darfur, where another genocide is taking place.

An America that is not just there for its own goals and ends. We’re going to re-engage with our Latin American neighbors in a positive way — unlike this administration. We’re going to implement the global AIDS initiative that I wrote four years ago, that this administration is still dawdling with. We’re going to offer the moral leadership with respect to environmental catastrophes that are staring us in the face. We’re going to go back to the table on global warming. We’re going to deal with poverty and disease in the less-developed nations in a more effective way. Those things will help to bring nations to our side. That will make us more effective in the war on terror and make our country safer.”


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