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Interesting Upcoming, Current, and Past Films

Jul 12, 2004

Interesting Upcoming, Current, and Past Films

Lone Wolf and Cub (2004) directed by Darren Aronofsky
Watchmen directed by Darren Aronofsky

Holy monkey spunk! Aronofsky decides to put his muscle behind two of the greatest graphic novels in the history of the medium, and my head explodes at the possibilities. In reality, LW&C doesn’t really need to be remade (given that there is a pretty good series of films from Japan), but after Pi and Requiem for a Dream it should be interesting nonetheless.

The village directed by M. Night Shyamalan

Yuki refuses to see horror movies with me, so I will be at the theater on opening night by myself. I like Shyamalan’s films; in fact, I think that both Unbreakable and Signs got a bad rap by many, and after a few viewings they stand strong.

Walk the Line directed by James Mangold

The biography of Johnny Cash. I freaking hate country music, but something about Cash always made me willing to give him a spin. The country stylings are certainly woven into his music, but there is some intangible behind it that makes me forego my almost visceral revulsion of the genre and actually enjoy his work.

Che directed by Steven Soderberg and starring Benicio Del Toro

Del Toro is one of the few actors that I will sit through any movie to see.

The Motorcycle Diaries

Actually this movie is already out, but it has limited circulation. This is another film about Che Guevara. However, this is a much smaller production based on the Guevara’s journals across South America and the experiences that shaped him. Perhaps you saw the trailer during Fahrenheit 9/11?

La Cabina

This is a short film that appeared on Spanish television in the 70s. The premise was simple: A man gets into a phonebooth and becomes trapped inside. The duration of the film is concerned with the humor of the situation as onlookers gauk at him and occasionally try to help him out. However, after a while it becomes increasingly clear that there is no way to remove him from the booth. Just as a group of firemen attempt to hack their way in to rescue him, a group of telephone company officials arrive and explain that they will take him to headquaters to fix the problem. They then load him onto a truck and drive off. An obvious look of relief washes over the man trapped in the booth until the telephone company truck stops at another telephone booth containing another trapped man. As they are both carted off to the company headquaters, they both appear nervous at this latest revelation. However, the true horror of their situation hits them when they finally arrive at their destination. Click on the link below for the harrowing conclusion.

View the conclusion of La Cabina. (WMV format, 2.23MB)


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