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Jun 3, 2004

I’ve been thinking about getting back into the MST3K tape trading scene after finally watching the last of the episodes currently in my now paltry collection. During my days prior to, and during, SMCM I spent a lot of time trading with people and soon after graduating I had finally accumulated every known episode (It took about 6 years of hardcore trading). However, soon after that I became very bitter with the ‘direction of life’ and in a moment of defiance I expunged myself of almost all of my material possessions, including my prized MST3K library. Looking back, I do not regret getting rid of anything (and in fact cannot even remember most of them)…. EXCEPT those MST3K episodes. Weird. I decided to restart my collection, except that this time I am going entirely digital… a huge stack of VHS tapes takes waaaaaaaay too much room.

In celebration of my newfound desire to start anew, I plan on creating a database of every known episode and the pieces of the whole that I currently have. I will use MySQL and PHP and will post my progress as it takes form. Using some online sources, some Perl spidering hacks, and 30 minutes, I assembled an SQL script for building the first generation of the database structure. This will most likely change as more data is obtained, but it will suffice at the moment. I’m not entirely sure how this script will work on other databases other than MySQL, but I’m sure with some minor mods it’ll work fine. Use at your own risk.

MST3K.sql [31kb]

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