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Looking for Dnd

Mar 8, 2004

When I was in high school I happened to be one of the few students enrolled in my school’s computer science program (we’re talking 1989 – 1993 here). The first couple of years it was a blast. Every day for an hour a small group met in a ‘lab’ and hacked away with the 2 or 3 Apple ][s, the single Mac SE, and the 2 IBMs with BASIC and Pascal (I could talk all day about this class, but for now I’ll refrain). One day a friend and I discovered a game named DND that was a simple RPG with randomly generated text mazes where you navigated your warrior into the depths of hell and endlessly fought random monsters. When the class started becoming boring, Eric and I would spend our time trying to beat each other in gold obtained, experience earned, and resulting levels achieved. For the past year, I have been trying to find the game, but all searches for dnd.exe have been fruitless. Therefore, I think that I will rewrite the game myself once this semester is over. Perl sounds like the perfect choice for such a game, although I haven’t truly thought it through. More to come eventually.

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