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The Passion of the Christ

Feb 29, 2004

I finally got around to seeing The Passion of the Christ yesterday with Yuki, and I must say that it really was not a very good movie. That is, there is nothing inherently interesting about watching a man getting the skin flogged from his body for 2+ hours. That being said I did not find the film to be anti-Semitic. What I did find that there was a certain group of Jewish officials (and only a small subset) and their followers calling for the crucifixion of Jesus because he was a threat to their power. It’s the age-old story; transcending race or religion. Very little is said in the liberal media (joke) about the endless stream of Jewish sympathizers found throughout the film.

I guess the best description of this film would be that it is physically exhausting to watch. The violence is unprecedented for a mainstream film. I thought myself desensitized after a lifetime of watching countless horror films, but The Passion of the Christ took me to levels that I had never been to previously. That is, while a film such as Kill Bill is extremely bloody, its stylized nature makes it seem more like a cartoon than reality. Yesterday, I felt like I was watching a documentary of depravity. Needless to say; I don’t think that I’ll be buying the DVD.


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