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Bush and the DL

Feb 12, 2004

Not to be hostile, but who really cares why Bush changed his DL number? The ‘why’ of the action can never be proven, and the solar system will have been long engulfed by a rogue sun before we get an honest answer. Further, Bush has an iron-clad response in his back pocket, assuming that he would even respond in the first place:

“Uhhhh, I wanted to.”

It’s a hopeless goal to try and tackle this ‘issue’. Can we instead focus on more important topics?

How about this one:

For those uninteresed in reading the article, it basically says that Bush’s budget, after a ‘thourough’ scrubbing, was cut by only 0.2%. WTF?!? God dammit, I saw the movie Dave, and Kevin Kline was able to cut that much all by himself. If the guy from A Fish Called Wanda can pull more than $4.9 billion, then a so-called budget commitee. I wonder how many of my tax dollars go into defunct programs? I wonder how many of my tax dollars go into the pockets of politicians — lefties and righties?

You want to know what the craziest thing about the budget is? It doesn’t allocate a single penny to operations in Afghanitan or Iraq. Wh wh what!?! I thought we were fighting wars in those countries. If you were to ask why this is, the answer would be that the funding for these wars will be determined by appropriations AFTER the election. But why? Of course, it has nothing to do with politics according to our elected officials, but everything to do with holding on for a while and waiting to see what the need is for those countries before making requests for funds. They want to wait 3 etra months to see where they stand? OK, makes sense I guess. Oh, just one thing…. why were they able to make suplimental appropriations on time last time? Why should the next time take longer? Why will the military have $0.00 to work with for 3 months? Would an even more inflated budget hurt Bush’s chances of re-election? Oh, sorry, I forgot that this decision isn’t political.


I suppose that the troops would be better served throwing rocks at the enemies of freedom while pushing their tanks around in the sand. It builds character. I suppose that when our politicians see the troops eating soil and wearing burlap, they will determine that perhaps $0.00 was aiming a bit too low.

Of course, we could always borrow from other programs:

No problem; go ahead and borrow from my 401k. No problem pal… I know you’re good for it.

Of course, there are some who would say that the lower budget numbers are a deliberate deception:

I wouldn’t call it a lie… it’s just good budgetary practice. I myself maintain a monthly budget, and I know that it’s impossible to determine how much I need for gasoline every month without driving around and running out here and there. Usually, I just allocate a ton of my income to the CANDY category and just borrow GAS money from it whenever I find myself out of fuel. If I happen to run out of CANDY funds, then I simply wait until the next month to put some money into GAS. I can relate. I’m keeping it real.

Oh! By the way… John Kerry is sooooo Anti-American because he votes against military appropriations! What a dick!


props to Lee

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