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Various Tech News and Misc Ramblings

Jan 30, 2004

Various Tech News and Misc Ramblings
Today Yuki and I head off to Italy for a well-earned vacation to Bologna, Florence, and Venice. I plan to delve into hard-core Catholicism while I am there, I just hope that I can avoid being smote (smotten?). Modus-Ponens will be on vacation as well, but in the meantime occupy yourselves with the following:

AMD 64 documents
Read the script for El Topo.
Run OSX apps on your Zaurus.
VxWorks lies at the heart of the Mars rovers.
Learn some Perl
Read my earliest recorded UseNet message. Actually there are circa 1992-1994 posts from a Pasadena-based BBS that I was a member of floating around in the ether, but I can’t seem to remember the alias that I posted under. However, I do recall that I liked comp.sys.cbm (I was using my Amiga and C64 back then), (for Misfits and Minor Threat tab),, and rec.arts.comics.misc (for Cerebus, Alpha Flight, and Excalibur).

I’m off.

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