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News of the weird

Jan 22, 2004

News of the weird
Lie-detector glasses offer peek at future of security.
Hollow mystery for Mars rover.
Talking to people who talk to the dead.
Mad cow my ass!
Wakamaru and friends.
Apple goes to war.

Anchor Bay will be releasing the following DVDs in the near future:
The Herzog/Kinski Collection – features every Herzog/Kinski collaboration. 02/10/04
Dawn of the Dead – zombies in the Monroeville Mall, by George Romero. 03/09/04

Rumors have it that the following films are in some phase of production:
30 days of Night (Sam Raimi rumored to be involved)
The Amityville Horror (remake — sigh)
Baron Blood (remake — sigh)
Blair Witch Project 3 (rumored to be a Presley, written by the originals)
The Changeling (remake — sigh)
Dawn of the Dead (trailer found here — sigh)
The Eye (originally a Hong Kong film… Supposedly very dope — US rights reportedly bought by Tom Cruise)
Exorcist 4: The Beginning (prequel)
The Lecter Variation: The Story of Young Hannibal Lecter (wtf?!?)
Man-Thing (yes, the Marvel comics version of Swamp Thing)
Preacher (the rumors have been swirling forever… and continues)
Ring 2 (based loosely on the Japanese title of the same name — filming begins in March)
Suspiria (remake — AHHHHHHHHHHHH! sigh)
The Wicker Man (remake — sigh — this is out of control!)

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