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Jan 20, 2004

New York Post Online Edition: news

“It also raised fresh questions about Dean’s temperament when he launched into a screaming, clenched-teeth rant before his supporters after the vote count.”

What is reported becomes reality. As I grow older, reality of the world in which I live hits me much more often than as a young’in. For example, I was once naive enough to believe that the media’s primary role was to report the news. As I inch closer to retirement, it has truly started to dawn on me that the media often prefers to make the news rather than simply report it. Howard Dean’s speech last night was reported as ranting, therefore it most certainly WAS (contrary to those such as myself that actually watched it live and unedited). I can’t help but harken back to a drunken (or at least buzzed) conversation that Rob and I had about public perception and its ability to define who we are.

“Rolling up his shirt sleeves and shrieking so loud that his voice cracked, a raging Dean rallied his supporters with forced optimism and a pugilistic tone that stood in contrast to the formal upbeat speeches by his opponents.”

Call me crazy, but I do believe that the phrase “We will not give up” is a little upbeat.

Yahoo news has an article entitled, Dean Blames Third-Place Finish on Attacks.

I assume that they are referring to the quotes, “We were pretty much the target of everybody for a long time,” and “And it’s hard to sustain that.”

Sounds like Dean is punching it in doesn’t it? Poor Dean! So persecuted! He was robbed! Of course, the full transcript reads, “DEAN: Well, that was the problem, we were way ahead, and when you’re way ahead people decide you’re the target, and we were pretty much the target of everybody for a long time, and it was hard to sustain that. But we did sustain it, and we got our ticket punched in New Hampshire and that’s what matters.” While it certainly sounds like he points to the attacks as a factor, maybe these attacks were in line. I give the following picture as evidence…

Clearly Crazed – Und Keine Eier!

I would like to add fuel to this fire… during his speech I swore that I was able to discern the following:

And we’re going to win in Massachusetts!
CROWD: Seig Heil!

And North Carolina!
CROWD: Seig Heil!

And Missouri!
CROWD: Seig Heil!

And Arkansas!
CROWD: Seig Heil!

And Connecticut!
CROWD: Seig Heil!

And New York!
CROWD: Seig Heil!

And Ohio!
CROWD: Seig Heil!

Prediction: Rush Limbaugh will do this exact bit TODAY.


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