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In Brief

Jan 2, 2004

In Brief
1) Paul Graham hits another homerun.

2) I am thinking about pursuing a degree in history or philosophy (I started on my way at SMCM, but did not continue the full course… opting for CS instead) after I am done with my MS in CS.

3) I just closed the “Did you vote in the last presidential election” poll, and to summarize:

4) Yuki got me “The Graduate” on DVD… one of the top 5 movies of all time IMO.

5) Props to F_D for posting 101.

6) I hope that everyone had a great holiday season.

7) I have started the annoying process of house hunting…

8) I just got outbid at the last moment for Aegpyt… I’m pissed.

9) “The Art of Unix programming” can be found online.

10) Pete: Thanks for the MST3K dupes! You have motivated me to restart my collection again.

11) Get 3 years webhosting free… Seems legit.


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