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We are doomed

Dec 26, 2003

2-year-old model and actor who cut his head at a playground is seeking unspecified lost wages and other compensation from the city.

Quote: In a letter to officials, she demanded compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering and a "lost wage amount due to his inability to audition or take modeling or commercial jobs while his head heals."

Further: Mader blamed the boy's injury on a green railing, which she said blends in with the landscaping. Mader said the railing should be painted a brighter color.

Am I unique in that as a child I was constantly pummled by my local park? There were many times that I was unable to work at my jobs at the coal mine and sweatshop because of a serious, park-relate, injury. Did I sue the city? Nooooo! This is another sign of creeping doom upon the USA. If this boy model and his mother wins their lawsuit, then I am moving to another country. Nuff said.

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