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Saru Chess UML v0.0.2

Dec 20, 2003

I have revised the SaruChess UML! The semester is over and time is abundant. The following revisions were made:

  1. The packages were folded into the main UML in order to get a better feel for how everything fits together.
  2. The framework classes were color coded baby blue.
  3. Added the Transposition Table and History classes in order to strengthen the search engine.
  4. Added a Move Sorter, but this was a mistake. It will be removed in the next revision. Its functionality is inherent in the Evaluation Engine.
  5. Plugged in some chess-specific classes.
  6. Added a Movement class as part of the Piece class. Movement will serve to describe how a piece moves. This class may have to be tightly coupled with the ChessBoard object, but at the moment I have no idea how to get past that.
  7. Added a Principal variation class.


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