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Saru Chess UML

Dec 19, 2003

This is my first hack at a new structure for the next generation of my chess software, Saru Chess. The design is object oriented (although the precise development language has not been closen — Java? ObjectiveC? C++?), which is a departure from my older C implementation. The diagrams below were put together pretty quickly in order to establish a quick and dirty domain model to work from. The UML below represents the generic ”game” framework on which the chess engine will be built. The rationale is that this framework will also be used in future projects including: Saru Shogi, Saru Go, Saru Checkers, and Connect 4ogus V.2. Notice, the Intelligence interface associated with the ComputerPlayer object. The Intelligence module will be my attempt to introduce learning and pattern matching to my already strong chess engine (the old C version that is).


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