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Gimp 1.3.22

Nov 21, 2003

MacGIMP: “We have good news just in time for the Christmas and holiday season. Led by the efforts of Mat Caughron, GIMP 1.3.22, a pre-release of the next major GIMP update, and all its dependencies have been built on Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. Core GIMP developer Manish Singh provided a much-needed insight into compiling for OSX: for details, see the posting by Sven Neuman on the GIMP developer list. Preliminary builds have been running on Mac OS X for nearly two weeks now and creation of a binary packaged installer for Mac users is in progress. A release is expected to be made available by the end of November. The hope is to roll out documentation for building it for those who enjoy the acquaintance of their compiler.”

Gimp for Panther! Thank goddess for this. After buying my G5, I no longer have the coin (or liquid assets) to get a copy of Photoshop.


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