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10 Things About Panther

Oct 12, 2003

O’Reilly Network: Ten Things I Dig About Panther [Oct. 10, 2003]: “One question I anticipate that I’ll be asked quite a bit in the next few months is: ‘Should I upgrade?’ The answer is, from my perspective, a resounding ‘YES’. This is a landmark release of the system. Each version since 10.0 has upped the ante significantly.”

A pretty good list of highlights for OSX.3 (Panther). Drool. I especially like the XCode IDE coming out. If I understand correctly, one can use Rendevous aware computers on a network to distribute build-loads. Of course, I will barely be able to afford one system, and I’ll be damned before my company forks some cash-flow toward Apple hardware, so this feature helps me not… but damn is it cool!


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