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Dual G5 Review

Oct 12, 2003

MacNETv2: “I would have loved to write a column on how the G5 brings a whole new kind of speed to the Mac platform, and how Panther makes the G5 an even faster speed demon. I do not take pleasure in publishing a piece that demeans Apple’s effort in making the “world’s fastest personal computer”?. Maybe it is the fastest, and maybe OS X is the source of the slowdown, I don’t know for certain. And I don’t mean to demean Apple in any way other than to say that their marketing claims seem to be disingenuous.”

A less than shining review of the new Dual G5 from Apple. I hope that this fellow wore his flame-retardant underwear after publishing this. However, after close to 10 years dealing with Apple, I must say that this scenario sounds like deja-vu all over again with their Rev. A hardware releases.

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