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Calaculator Projects

Jun 19, 2003

I”m looking for the following texts for my hardware project:

H. Edward Roberts, Electronic Calculators (1974).
MOSTEK Corp., Integrated Circuit Guide (August, 1974).
David L. Heiserman, Miniprocessors: From Calculators to Computers (1977).


W. L. Green, IC Pocket Calculator, Radio-Electronics, May 1972, at 40.
Don Lancaster, Understanding Calculator IC”s, Radio-Electronics, Jul. 1974, at 38.
Eugene W. McWhorter, The Small Electronic Calculator, Scientific American, Mar. 1976, at 88.
Martin Meyer, Build An Under-$90 Scientific Calculator, Popular Electronics, Jan. 1975, at 53.
Martin Meyer, Build The ”Senior Scientist” Calculator, Popular Electronics, Oct. 1975, at 33.
Martin Meyer, Now You Can Build A Scientific Programmable Calculator, Popular Electronics, May 1976, at 36.
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