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Nov 12, 2002

VDOP died — got kicked. Finished 1st chapter of Butter — coming soon. Talked to a past-name about probability. Strip me down; reduce me; and write home you”re having fun.<br/> -m


Nov 11, 2002

Look out on the ocean I see your eyes or a bit of driftwood; I can”t truly tell.<br/> -m

Daydreams 001

Nov 11, 2002

I”m ready to go — to be my own Rimbaud — to disappear into the darkness of a world I know not of — and change my identity — and become someone else. I’m tired of myself.And my bills — and my deadlines. So off to Mars I fly — or Brasil — or El […]


Nov 3, 2002

Iíve often thought of what it means to worship at altar of tears — I’ve often wondered of the meaning of the art of crying — The art of tears. Iíve often wondered over the healing powers of the cry while lamenting the death of the father and the corruption of the womb and cried. […]

POP – 000000z

Nov 2, 2002

I was amazing to notice how many white vans were out there on the highways and byways. It was a good thing that they finally caught the Francotirador, else I would have been forced to lead a contingency bent on the forever banishment of white, eggshell, taupe, and bone vans. Instead, I need only concentrate […]

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