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Games of interest: Zendo

Oct 23, 2014

I recently held a Zendo unsession at the 2014 Strange Loop conference in St. Louis and described the game as the scientific method in a box. While perhaps too general, I believed that the tech, mathematical, and scientific-minded crowd at Strange Loop would appreciate the game very much. However, before I talk about the unsession, […]

A Near Sure Thing in Computer Science

Sep 29, 2014

There is nothing new under the sun.1 See: every computer science book written between 1950 and 2000.2 ↩ Hat-tip to Michael Bernstein ↩

Games of interest: Catchup

Aug 22, 2014 one comment

Nick Bentley‘s Catchup is a game that I’ve only recently played, but that has captured my imagination in a big way. If you’ve read this blog for any significant amount of time then you might have noticed that I like to talk about programming languages and the process of creating them. With this in mind […]

A few bold, complete projects…

Aug 6, 2014 some comments

One of my favorite bloggers James Hague recently wrote a blog post entitled Timidity Does Not Convince. In this relatively short post he managed to get me thinking about programming languages and their viability in a market for mindshare, especially with his statement: The only arguments that hold water, in terms of programming language suitability, […]

Games of interest: Binary Homeworlds

May 7, 2014 some comments

A few months ago I discovered a game called Homeworlds, and have fallen deeply in love. Homeworlds is a game of intergalactic conquest where ships of differing capabilities battle for supremacy in star systems…. or rather, it’s a Looney Pyramids abstract strategy game invented by John Cooper 1 (a designer whom I admire greatly) akin […]

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